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Postgraduate Conferrings - Spring 2021

15 Mar 2021
Spring 2021 Ph.D. Chemistry Graduation.

The graduation ceremony took place online, due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

Congratulations to all postgraduate students on their Ph.D. graduation this week, and our best wishes to all of them in their future careers.

Dr. Russell Banta
Thesis Title: Development of biopolymeric patterned thin films.
Supervisor(s): Dr. Eoin Flynn, Prof. Justin Holmes and Dr. Paul Young

Dr. Darragh Buckley
Thesis Title: Characterisation of solution processed zinc oxide quasi-superlattice materials for thin film applications.
Supervisor(s): Prof. Colm O'Dwyer

Dr. Noel Kennedy
Thesis Title: Monolayer doping of bulk and thin body group IV semiconductors.
Supervisor(s): Dr. Ray Duffy, Prof. Justin Holmes and Dr. Brenda Long

Dr. Ryan Kruschel
Thesis Title: Synthesis and evaluation of quinoline-5,8-diones and isoquinoline-5,8-diones as anticancer agents.
Supervisor(s): Dr. Florence McCarthy

Dr. Katrina Mackey
Thesis Title: Palladium and manganese catalysis in C-H activation.
Supervisor(s): Dr. Gerard McGlacken

Dr. Pamela Mackey
Thesis Title: Studies in asymmetric synthesis: I. the asymmetric α-alkylation of N,N-dimethylhydrazones II. the asymmetric aldol-Tishchenko reaction of (S)-tert-butanesulfinyl imines for the introduction of 2, 3, 4 and 5 new chiral centres in one pot.
Supervisor(s): Dr. Gerard McGlacken

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