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Postgraduate Conferrings - Summer 2020

18 Jun 2020
Summer 2020 Ph.D.Chemistry Graduation.

 The graduation ceremony took place online, due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

Congratulations to all postgraduate students on their Ph.D. graduation this week, and our best wishes to all of them in their future careers.

Dr. Paul Buckley (Ph.D.)
Supervisor: Prof. John Wenger
Thesis Title: Nature and origin of black carbon in Ireland.

Dr. Vuslat Buk (Ph.D.)
Supervisor: Prof. Martyn Pemble
Thesis Title: Design, development and characterization of nanostructured electrochemical sensors.

Dr. Mehael Fennelly (Ph.D.)
Supervisor: Prof. John Sodeau
Thesis Title: Real-time bioaerosol analysis in the healthcare environment.

Dr. Elsa Giraud (Ph.D.)
Supervisor: Prof. Justin Holmes & Prof. Michael Morris
Thesis Title: Block copolymer self-assembly: from thin film formation to inorganic nanostructures.

Dr. Roisin Jones (Ph.D.)
Supervisor: Dr. JJ Keating
Thesis Title: Impurity profiling and synthesis of a series of analogues and isomers of bromo-dragonfly.

Dr. Laura McCarthy (Ph.D.)
Supervisor: Dr. Stuart Collins & Prof. Anita Maguire
Thesis Title: Innovative synthetic approaches to indazole derivatives and other compounds of pharmaceutical relevance.

Dr. Rachel Shanahan (Ph.D.)
Supervisor: Dr. Gerard McGlacken
Thesis Title: Synthesis of nitrogen-containing heterocycles.

Dr. Maart van Druenen (Ph.D.)
Supervisor: Prof. Justin Holmes
Thesis Title: Functionalisation and characterisation of bulk and two-dimensional semiconductors.

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