Periodic Table of People Podcast

In April 2021, School of Chemistry PhD student Niamh O’Mahoney, was awarded outreach funding by the Royal Society of Chemistry to launch a podcast that will initially run from June 2021 to June 2022 but is expected to remain a long-term production. Supported by staff in the School of Chemistry, the Periodic Table of People Podcast will initially dedicate 10 of the first 20 episodes to diversity in chemistry. Interviews will take place with leading women working in different fields of chemistry.

The podcast will also detail chemistry in universities around the U.K. and Ireland and help students explore chemistry-based activities in their local area. Advice on effective study and the right study environment will be shared, and interviews with experienced teachers to offer advice on selecting the course most suited to students' specific needs. For undergraduate students looking to continue their studies, Season 1 will explore various areas for chemistry research. Season 2 will focus on diversity in chemistry and allow students who enter the workforce to explore further career options.

The podcast launched in summer 2021. Links (on Spotify) to all episodes are below. You can also listen to the podcast on all good podcast providers.

Podcast NumberDateIntervieweePodcast TitleDownload
1 05/07/2021 Niamh O'Mahoney Get to Know the Host Listen
2 16/08/2021 Malwina Kossowska Undergraduate Chemistry Explained I Listen
3 31/08/2021 Ewelina Chmielak Undergraduate Chemistry Explained II Listen
4 14/09/2021 Michelle Molloy Taught MSc in Chemistry Explained Listen

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