Taught Masters of Science

Taught Masters of Science

‌The School of Chemistry offers several postgraduate qualifications, including taught Masters Degrees and Postgraduate Diplomas as well as a Masters Degree by research. Taught masters degrees and postgraduate diplomas are offered in Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Analytical Chemistry, and Analysis of Pharmaceutical Compounds. These courses are designed to increase a student’s background knowledge, technical skills, and problem solving abilities within the context of typical analytical problems. Each programme provides students with hands-on exposure to much of the School of Chemistry’s comprehensive suite of analytical instrumentation. The Analytical Chemistry programme provides a broad foundation in analytical chemistry and its application in an industrial setting, while the Environmental Analytical Chemistry programme focuses more specifically on the analysis of environmental samples, air and water quality, and environmental legislation. The Analysis of Pharmaceutical Compounds programme emphasises method selection, development, and validation for pharmaceutical compounds and the application to quality control and trace drug analysis. These taught postgraduate programmes are an outstanding opportunity for students to increase their qualifications in one year, for full-time students, or two years for part-time students.

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MSc by Research

The Masters degree by research is a shorter research degree than a doctorate, while still allowing the student to undertake a substantial research project. Besides being a higher qualification than a bachelors degree, the MSc by research allows a student to decide whether they enjoy research and whether to pursue a research. Depending on the project and a student’s progress, the Masters degree can often be converted into a doctorate with further research. Students interested in a MSc by research should contact a potential advisor and discuss suitable projects before applying to join the programme.

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