Software for Students

Software for Students


The School of Chemistry site licence for ChemDraw, entitles all students and staff to avail of the latest version of ChemDraw Professional.

ChemDraw Professional is the complete drawing tool of choice for chemists and biologists to create publication-ready, scientifically intelligent drawings for use in electronic notebooks (ELNs), databases and publications.  And can now also be used for querying chemical databases, including SciFinder®.

In order to access the software:

  1. Register with PerkinElmer at using your UCC e-mail address.
  2. Activate your account via the email sent to the email address you used in the registration and log in.
  3. This will direct you to the PerkinElmer Download Centre.  Once there, click on “home” under software and services.  Click on the most recent version of “ChemDraw Professional” and in the next page download the appropriate windows or mac version of ChemDraw. Follow the subsequent download instructions.
  4. To find your activation code, please click on order history tab on left navigation pane, then click on applicable order # and scroll down to the activation code on right side. Note, this code will activate both WIN & MAC platforms.  Use this code to activate the software during installation.


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