Optimal Dementia Care in Acute Care settings project (ODCACS)

The Optimal Dementia Care in Acute Care settings project, ODCACS (PI, Dr Timmons), is studying dementia and challenging behaviour in older people admitted to acute hospitals. ODCACS is a Health Research Board of Ireland (HRB) funded, three year study (300,000 euro) investigating the prevalence of dementia among older people admitted to six acute hospitals in Cork. Since starting in April 2012, over three hundred patients have been screened so far with an estimated final sample of six hundred and fifty patients screened by first quarter 2013. In addition to a longitudinal follow-up of a subset of these admissions, the project is currently collecting data from patients, carers and families, and attending acute hospital staff, as to the problems encountered in providing acute care to these patients. Using this information an economic appraisal will be undertaken to assess the costs of hospital bed and staff resource allocation. This work will help inform the acute hospital section of the Dementia Strategy of Ireland (co-investigator Dr. Suzanne Cahill from Trinity College Dublin has co-authored the research review for this pending strategy). Submission of initial project papers to peer-reviewed journals expected second quarter 2013.

The CGR is also replicating the UK 'National Audit of Dementia Care in Acute Hospitals' in Cork hospitals this year with a view to rolling this audit out nationwide in 2013/2014. The second stream of this research focuses on delirium in hospitalised older people, regardless of previous cognition. We have been collaborating with Prof. David Meagher (Head of Teaching and Research in Psychiatry, University of Limerick and a world expert in delirium). We have already described the prevalence of delirium in an entire acute hospital (using a team of approximately 20 doctors to assess 311 patients for delirium in a 24-hour period), 'The Cork Delirium Study, CDS' [1].

1. Ryan D, O'Regan N, O'Caoimh R, Clare J, O'Connor M, Leonard M, O'Sullivan K, Meagher D, Timmons S. Delirium in an entire Acute Tertiary Care Hospital adult population: prevalence and risk factors. BMJ Open, 2012, in press. 


Centre for Gerontology and Rehabilitation , School of Medicine, UCC The Bungalow, Block 13, St. Finbarr's Hospital, Douglas Rd., Cork, Ireland