The Collaboration on Ageing (COLLAGE) programme at University College Cork

University College Cork (UCC), founded in 1845, is Ireland's first 5 Star University (QS). Its School of Medicine has a highly successful research programme in medical education. 

UCC's Centre for Gerontology and Rehabilitation (CGR), based in the inner city community hospital of St Finbarrs, supports COLLAGE through its dedicated administrative and academic units, complementing existing networks of collaborators actively involved in ongoing research programmes nationwide to support older adults. The Assessment and Treatment Centre (ATC) at St Finbarrs Hospital is central to the delivery of services and the promotion of research at the heart of our target population (South Lee, Cork City, Ireland), providing amongst others a falls clinic, memory clinic and Alzheimers Café, and movement disorder clinic. Together, the ASSERT and CGR centres promote the COLLAGE collaboration and our goal of healthy and active ageing.

In January 2013 the Cork Healthy Ageing through Resource Generation and Education -UCC joined with Louth County Council (Louth Age Friendly County Initiative) to become COLLAGE (COLLaboration on AGEing), Ireland’s joint candidate Reference Site for the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing. 

COLLAGE represents a collaboration based on the premise that ageing is an opportunity for the future rather than a burden on society (European Parliament A7-0029/2013).  Although the traditional primary healthcare and public health approaches are essential elements of EIP-AHA, they are, in themselves, not sufficient to achieve the ambitious target of increasing the number of Healthy Life Years by two. Its achievement will require a wider effective engagement within and between reference sites and throughout the Partnership. COLLAGE includes research groups, academic institutions, healthcare providers, The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA) public authorities and community groups. Over 30 discrete initiatives are included. We have several established action group projects and have a presence in all 3 pillars of EIP-AHA. Additional initiatives are registered on Marketplace. 

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Centre for Gerontology and Rehabilitation , School of Medicine, UCC The Bungalow, Block 13, St. Finbarr's Hospital, Douglas Rd., Cork, Ireland