Siobhain Scannell: Students chatting in Hearth

Chaplaincy is my second home. The Chaplaincy has catered for many international students who have said that while here in Ireland this was their family; This is the same for me and Chaplaincy is my family. This experience of Chaplaincy has cracked my shell and I have come more into myself because of chaplaincy. The option is there, though not pushed on anyone, to grow spiritually. I took this opportunity and I can honestly say I have not regretted a moment of this journey with many of my friends at Chaplaincy. It is a place where friendships are formed over many cups of tea and 80's music. There is always someone who will listen, always someone who will advise and always someone to call a friend. Chaplaincy remains a hub for students in the never-ending mass of students and daunting assignments of college life. Chaplaincy, I believe, is the pot at the end of the rainbow, where one can pop in and get a bit of luck, and also a cup of tea. 

Danielle Blair:Thursday social with pizza

I can promise you two things about the Chaplaincy: first, it is filled with welcoming, intriguing people; second, these people have the potential to become your greatest friends.  Not only are they open-minded and prepared to embrace all your uniqueness—capabilities, interests, culture—but they come with uniqueness all their own: there are mapmakers, arts students, future engineers, karaoke-lovers, local community members, international students and, of course, a fine few Irish lads! But more important, there are people to offer a hand when you need help up, to share endless laughter on dreary days and to banter until the night ends. It may not be literal gold at the end of a rainbow, but you will not regret a visit to our little, yellow Chaplaincy building!

Philip Mngadi: 

The Chaplaincy has to be one of the coolest places on campus to have the opportunity to work. The requirements placed on an internship position require a friendly face at all times, punctuality, attention to detail, following up, working together in a team with good communication - and getting the trenches with someone of a different perspective on faith really teaches the value of all of the above.
In the Chaplaincy lads can easily become friends and family, and it's always a joy getting to work with, and learning from, the interns team.
Father Marius and Ms. Ber Twomey are a great laugh and an amazing support base for any intern, or college student, going through the most difficult times. I trust God that, in the years to come - the Chaplaincy will continue to be a home away from home for many college students, and that the chaplains will continue to allow students to express themselves to them and in the Chaplaincy.

Josh Brinkman: 

The IONA Chaplaincy has been a great place for me during this last year. A place to just have a break, relax and wind down from all the college stress. A place to meet amazing people and make new memories. When I arrived at UCC I came here knowing nobody. But in IONA I met people from all over the world, many of which have become close friends during the year. It is just an amazing place and fills me with a lot of great memories.

Caoímhe Ní Chuilleagáin: 

The chaplaincy is a fantastic place to spend free time during the college year. The staff is kind, helpful and great banter. The events that are held there every week are a good laugh, and the people you meet there are wonderful. Movie nights, games nights, quiz nights, any evening I've spent there at an event was hilarious fun. Just like the banner says, it really is a place of welcome for all. During my three years in college, it's been like a home away from home, a place for a quiet pit stop during the day or a place to hang out with your buddies. Having a place like the chaplaincy as a resource really made college a lot easier for me.

Fearghal Ó Muicheáin: ‌

The Chaplaincy is a place I have been going to since I was in first year. It is a place that I got to make friends with students from different years, different faculties and different parts of Ireland and the World. I am very grateful for the Chaplaincy as it provides students a place to relax, get to know other students and to have fun. In the Chaplaincy, I love the fact that people respect you for who you are and that it is open to everyone in UCC to come inside. I love the fact that different variety of students comes to the Chaplaincy, whether they are religious or not. I find the Chaplains a great help and are very friendly as well as understanding. They are a regular presence in the Chaplaincy lounge. Thursday evenings are a brilliant time for students to have fun and make friends when the Chaplaincy hosts games and movie evenings. I am going into my third year in UCC and have successfully applied to be in the Chaplaincy Intern team, so I can play a greater role in the running of the Chaplaincy.

Lorraine:The Chaplaincy was, for me, a lively meeting place, and also a place where people were always welcomed! There was always tea, coffee, biscuits, and above all, some very nice people to chat with. Thus, for new students (or international students like me), this is a nice place to meet new people. I used to come to the Chaplaincy especially for Thursday's meetings, either for a film screening or for a game night. We played Pictionary, Risk, Quiz, etc... with joy and good humour. I would like to thank Father Marius and the Chaplaincy's staff for what they organised and for their welcoming! This will remain a great memory for me from my year in Ireland!


The Chaplaincy is the best place on campus. I am the first student from my country to attend UCC, and the Chaplaincy made me feel more at home than I ever thought possible.

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