On-Campus Activities

Tea & Coffees Mornings

Tea/Coffee is available daily from 8am-5pm‌ Monday to Friday and often at various locations around the campus. 

Themed Holiday Parties/Socials

   Themed Holiday Parties and Social Events organized at the Chaplaincy.


Themed Holiday Parties 

            Christmas & P‌izza Parties 

                H‌alloween Parties

       Annual staff & Intern Parties 

Social Events 

           Singing & Fun Events 

           Tours & Adventures 

      Indoor Gaming & Competitions 



Bible Study/Lectio Divina/ Book Club

We have a whole range of different activities to choose from including Bible studies, Lectio Divina and Book Clubs


                 Bible Studies 

               Candel Light Masses 

                    Book Clubs 


An tSéiplíneacht

Western Road, Cork