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Life in Chaplaincy

Life in Chaplaincy


UCC Chaplaincy is a multi-faith Christian chaplaincy; our chaplaincy team consists of members from different faiths and backgrounds. The Chaplains are experienced at listening and offering spiritual guidance, prayer, support, friendship, fun and entertainment.

The Chaplains are here for you. Whether you belong to a faith community or not, you are always welcome to talk confidentially with a Chaplain about any problems or concerns you may have. Come and have a chat at any time. Chaplains are always glad to meet students or staff socially and pastorally and offer everyone a sympathetic ear. UCC Chaplaincy also conducts different types of entertainment events, get togethers and field trips in both semesters.


History of the Chaplaincy:

The Chaplaincy service at UCC is the oldest student service on campus and has been for many years a valued and significant unit within the University. It is also unique in that it is also a service to staff.  

The Mission Statement provides a clear agenda for the service.   The Mission Statement was collaboratively developed and agreed by the Chaplains from the four main Christian Churches.

Our Mission Statement

The Chaplaincy team at UCC accompanies staff and students on their spiritual journey. In a welcoming and caring atmosphere we offer a listening ear. Inspired by the Scriptures we provide opportunities for a deepening of faith, for service of others and for worship. We seek in this way to be a Christian presence at UCC.

Our Vision and Values

The Chaplaincy has a vision of love, peace, and respect for everyone. Our core values include respect, compassion, community, humility and hospitality.  


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