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Lunchtime Seminar 15th February

14 Feb 2022


Date: Tuesday 15th February 1pm - 2pm

Venue: MS Teams (Online)

Speaker: Kathy Kirwan

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This seminar focuses on a systemic approach to interconnecting concepts of sustainability with people and place. Two case studies are shared reflecting the interconnected nature of our collaborations through the lens of Eco social art. Eco social art attends to social and environmental concerns. Such practices tend to interconnect art, non-art, many ways of knowing from art, eco-philosophy, eco-pedagogy, science and traditional and local knowledge and practical experience (adapted from Fitzgerald, 2018).  This Eco social Art seminar aims to share the collaborative experiences of interweaving the UN Sustainable Development goals and The Earth Charter (which focuses on values-based education) towards personal, community and planetary wellness.


My eco-art practice embodies an interconnection with nature, wellbeing, and values literacy. Through an eco-centric lens and co-authorship with nature I endeavour to facilitate accessible entry points to eco art, for self and others, to generate intimacy, creativity and belonging to place furthering a deeper ethical relationship with nature. Working with natural and sustainable methods of co-creating eco social art, my place-based learning and facilitation methods focus on a circular theme of interconnection and sustainability for personal and planetary wellbeing.

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