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Earthquake Devastates Turkey, Calls for Emergency Relief

13 Feb 2023

A devastating earthquake has hit Turkey, causing immense damage and loss of life.
Higher education partners at the University of Ankara are desperately trying to support affected students and their families.
A list of reputable organizations has been shared to support the earthquake victims.

A massive earthquake has hit Turkey, causing widespread devastation and loss of life. The higher education partners at the University of Ankara are working tirelessly to support affected students and their families. Many students have missing family members or have lost loved ones in the disaster.

The Turkish colleagues have shared a list of reputable organizations that are offering much-needed assistance on the ground.

These organizations include :

The Islamic Relief Fund,
Including Syria

Turkish Philanthropy Funds,
Provides emergency relief & supports front-line workers, registered in the U.S. & tax-exempt in the U.S.

Turkey Mozaik Foundation,
Provides emergency relief, UK based/registered in the U.K.

Voluntary non-governmental search & rescue organization registered in Turkey
Support to Life (provides emergency relief & focuses on rebuilding efforts, registered in Turkey). 

Ahbap Association,
Grassroots organization providing emergency relief registered in Turkey

The EBRD Community Initiative.
Committed to match donations on a 1:1 basis, initiated by a group of employees of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Turkey Earthquake Fund
Fundraiser organized by the Research Institute On Turkey, MIT professor Canan Dagdeviren is involved

People are encouraged to donate funds to these organizations to support the survivors of the earthquake and assist with rebuilding efforts. The email has been sent on behalf of the CGD Board and the UCCRSA Committee, calling for support to help the victims of this devastating disaster. 


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