Rola Abu Zeid - O'Neill


Name: Rola Abu Zeid - O'Neill


Designation: Lecturer, and Programme Coordinator

Academic Unit: ACE, and PhD student in Department of Sociology

Rola is a political and feminist sociologist who interest in memory, ethnicity, gender, conflict, and immigrant communities. She has presented and taught several courses and lectures around these fields, including the Middle East, Modern Asia, and Islam. Rola is a in her last stage of completion her PhD, her research Gender, Memory and Nakba highlights the personal and diverse experiences of IDP women within the context of the wider social and political changes that have taken place since the Nakba.

Rola is a member of ISS21 (Institute for Social Sciences in the 21st century) and takes part in the following research clusters: Children & Young People; Social Justice, Equality and Inclusion; Memory; Conflict, Gender & Violence

Thematic Expertise

Women, Islam, Conflict, Middle East, Civil Society, Immigration, Inclusion and Integration

Geographical Expertise

Middle East and North Africa, Women and Conflict - Global aspect, Women and Islam - Global

Relevant Projects

Coordinator of Diploma in Women's Studies - ACE, UCC

Coordinator of Diploma in Development and Global Human Rights Studies - ACE, UCC


Strategic Paper on ‘The cooperation of Palestinian Civil Society’ in Israel and the International Civil Society (2018) - forthcoming, I'lam Center, Nazareth, Israel.

Different articles about women and conflict, and the UNRSC 1325