Margaret Desmond


Name: Margaret Desmond


Designation: Research Fellow

Academic Unit: MaREI Marine and Renewable Energy Ireland

Specializes in climate change impacts and adaptation research, policy analysis/advice and implementation.   With over 10 years of experience, Margaret Desmond currently works on an EPA funded project to explore the transition to a climate resilient Ireland by 2050.

Thematic Expertise

Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation, Governance, Planning, Capacity Building

Geographical Expertise


Relevant Projects

Enabling the transition to a climate resilient Ireland

JPI Climate-co lead Action Group on enabling societal transformations in the face of climate change


Lead author of ‘A Summary of the State of Knowledge on Climate Change Impacts for Ireland’ (2018 & 2009),

‘National Preparedness to adapt to climate change: analysis of state of play’ (2018 in review),

‘Ireland’s National Adaptive Capacity Assessment’ (2011). 

Led on the Adaptation Chapter of Ireland’s 5th Communication to the UNFCCC (2014)

Policy support for development of the National Adaptation Framework (2018).