Dr Ciara Heavin


Name: Dr. Ciara Heavin

Email: c.heavin@ucc.ie

Designation: Lecturer

Academic Unit: Business Information Systems/Health Information Systems Research Centre

Dr. Ciara Heavin is a Lecturer/Researcher at Business Information Systems at Cork University Business School (CUBS), University College Cork, Ireland. Her research focuses on opportunities for information systems (IS) in the global healthcare ecosystem. As Co-Director of the Health Information Systems Research Centre (HIRSC), Ciara has undertaken funded research in the investigation, development and implementation of innovative technology solutions in the health/healthcare domain. She has published in a number of top IS and Health Information Systems international conferences and journals.

Thematic Expertise

Thematic Expertise

Health Information Systems, Mobile health in developing countries, mHealth, eHealth, Digital Health

Geographical Expertise

Geographic Expertise:

Nigeria, Malawi

Relevant Projects

Supporting LIFE http://www.supportinglife.eu/partners.html


IMPACT https://impactirc.wordpress.com/

Relevant Publications

Relevant Publications:

O'Connor, Y., O'Sullivan, T., Hardy, V., Heavin, C., Gallagher, J. and O'Donoghue. J. (2018) 'A Mobile Health Technology Intervention for Addressing the Critical Public Health Issue of Child Mortality'. Electronic Journal of Information Systems In Developing Countries, 10.1002/isd2.12011