Amin Sharifi Isaloo


Name: Amin Sharifi Isaloo


Designation: Lecturer and Tutor Coordinator

Academic Unit: Sociology

Amin has a PhD in Sociology (2015, University College Cork), BSc Government (2011, UCC) and degree in Law (Tehran). He is a lecturer and tutor coordinator in the Department of Sociology at UCC. He is also teaching 'Social Studies' and 'Research Methods' to journalism students at Griffith College Cork and 'Development and Global Human Studies' to the ACE's students. His fields of interests include sociology, anthropology, law and politics.

Thematic Expertise

Human Rights, Politics, Religion, Arts, Culture, Symbols, Ritual Performance

Geographical Expertise

The Middle East

Relevant Projects


Power, Legitimacy and the Public Sphere: The Iranian Ta'ziyeh Theatre Ritual (2017), London: Routledge

Cyberspace, Ta'ziyeh symbols, and the Public Sphere in Iran, International Political Anthropology (2016), 9(1), pp. 37-56