Laila Shwaiki

Laila Shwaiki, MSc

PhD Student

T: 021 490 - 1449


Room: 307C



Laila Shwaiki graduated from the National University of Galway Ireland with a Bachelor degree in Microbiology and pursued a Master’s in Food Microbiology in University College Cork, Ireland. In her final Master’s thesis, she looked into the way that common food additives have an effect on the biofilm formation of 72 strains of Escherichia coli under the supervision of Dr. David Clarke. This MSc degree sparked an interest in the field of research, leading to the enrolment into the PhD programme under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Elke Arendt. The main focus of her PhD is looking into the isolation of plant extracts for the application in the inhibition of food spoilage yeast.

Cereal and Beverage Science Research Group

School of Food & Nutritional Sciences, University College Cork, College Road, Cork Ireland