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Research Activities & Initiatives 2020 & 2021

20 Dec 2021

Centre research continues to address and contribute to topical discussions.



McCarthy O. (2021) All you need to know about ‘buy now pay later’ services. RTE Brainstorm, 16th November.


McCarthy O. & Amato A. (2021) Why retrofitting homes will be difficult for low income households. RTE Brainstorm, 8th November 2021.



McCarthy, O. & Byrne N. (2020) Payday loans: clampdown was vital, but credit unions must expand after coronavirus to fill gap. The Conversation (UK), 4th September 2020.


McCarthy, O. & Byrne, N. (2020) Do consumer warnings on financial products work? RTE Brainstorm, 27th August 2020.


McCarthy, O. & Byrne, N. (2020) Moneylending and Covid-19. The, 15th June 2020.


McCarthy, O. (2020) How are Ireland's credit unions coping with the pandemic? RTE Brainstorm, 24th April 2020.

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