Testimonials from previous recipients of the UCC Works Award

"As a former Student Union President, I cannot echo enough how valuable volunteering roles/charity work and civic engagement is. It provides fantastic opportunity to embrace responsibilities, learn and develop new skills in various environments. From personal experience, I know how valuable getting involved has been to my career and how the tasks I faced have helped me react, perform and deliver in my current role. I was the key organiser of the 2013/2014 Raise & Give Week in UCC, as a 22 year old at the time it was an extraordinary experience which opened my eyes to what I was capable of and where I wanted to progress my career. Through these opportunities you also meet and work with new people, expanding your network, something which is also extremely important when you move into a commercial role. As part of my current role I manage a team which interviews 3,300 graduates each year. Generally it is graduates who portray extra-curricular experience on their CVs who impress and tend to be short listed, this is also a common theme among employers." – Pádraig Haughney, Regional Manager FDM Group




"I won a UCC Works Award for my work as Peer Support Leader.   Becoming a peer supporter was a great decision and gave me the opportunity to work on important skills such as teamwork and interpersonal skills."



"I won a UCC Works Award for my work with the Special Olympics Bowling Club. Volunteering with the Club was so enriching and is especially relevant to my nursing career as I enjoy working with people who have an intellectual disability. If my career was to work with such inspirational, joyful and positive people I would have the best job in the world. What I give is only a fraction of what they give to me."



"This year I was fortunate enough to win 2 UCC Works Awards; one for my involvement in Peer Support and the other for my society involvement with UCC Hispanic, Amnesty International, Internationals Students and Chinese societies."



"I worked as editor of Verge Magazine for UCC Express. Verge, is a 16 page arts and culture supplement which accompanies UCC Express every fortnight. Upon taking on the role as Verge editor I was quite daunted by the prospect of having to edit a magazine, write articles and secure interviews while balancing this with my studies. While there’s no denying that it was hard work and at times quite stressful, the pros far outweigh the cons. As Verge editor, I developed many new skills and refined existing ones. By collaborating with an amazing group of sub-editors, my teamwork abilities have improved while my self-confidence also grew in conducting interviews with well-known faces.
I have many highlights from my year as Verge editor, one being my interview with Tommy Tiernan in November. However the friends I made and the people I met on the UCC Express team was my real highlight. The UCC Works award has made me realise that I most definitely want to become a writer or work in the media. It has allowed my writing to flourish and has enabled me to secure an internship with Hotpress magazine for summer 2015.‌‌"

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