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Guidelines for UCC Works Providers

The UCC WORKS Award enables students to receive formal recognition for the learning gained from their involvement in extra - curricular activities inside and outside of UCC. The activities are categorised into three pathways.

  • Internship PathwayUnpaid working Internships with a campus organisation (minimum of 40 hours).
  • Student Life PathwayContribution to enhancing student life in UCC by involvement in Clubs, Societies, Students’ Union etc. or with on campus voluntary initiatives e.g. uLink. (min. 40-60hours)
  • Volunteering Pathway: Volunteering in organisations external to UCC (minimum of 40 hours plus training).
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Pathway : In conjunction with the Blackstone Launchpad


Internship Pathway: Guidelines for Internship Providers

The UCC WORKS Internship Pathway is a period of unpaid work experience in a UCC Campus organisation or department. Students participating in UCC Works Internship Pathway are required to complete a minimum of forty hours placement within the organisation.

The provider needs to keep a record of the student's attendance. Once the student has registered with the programme, the provider willl be sent an excel document with the students details. The provider needs to record the hours that the student had completed on this excel, and then email the excel to by the end of the internship/ placement (usually by the end of February before the awards ceremony)

Students are then required to complete a reflective report and update their C.V in order to qualify for the UCC WORKS Award


Why Participate?

Internship programs provide benefits for both the organization and student. The needs of an organization are met through the assistance of the student intern and the intern gets the opportunity to gain real-life work experience.

For UCC campus organisations and departments, UCC WORKS can help provide structure and commitment to participating students as they have the end goal of the UCC WORKS Award to work towards


UCC Works Internship Pathway – Principles of participation as an Internship Provider

UCC WORKS is a community support based initiative. Internship roles should be focused on activities and duties that support the UCC community while also helping the intern to learn employability skills from their experiences and achievements as a UCC WORKS intern.


A UCC WORKS internship provider should provide:


  • A valuable learning experience for the intern with clear responsibilities and objectives.
  • A minimum of 40 hours work experience.
  • Allocate a supervisor/mentor to support and mentor interns.
  • Ensure that interns have a sufficient level of responsibility to learn the required employability skills from the experience
  • Interns should have a clear written document outlining their duties, goals & learning aims, supervision, and work schedule.
  • UCC WORKS internships should NOT replace paid student help or other staff post



How to become a UCC WORKS Internship Provider

Any UCC campus organization or department can become a UCC WORKS internship provider. If your department or organization is interested in participating in the UCC Works Programme, you should complete an Expression of Interest Form and email it back to

The Expression of Interest form asks basic details of your internship proposal. Once received, your Expression of Interest Form will be reviewed and if it meets the criteria outlined above, approved by the UCC WORKS steering committee.

On Approval, you can then recruit an intern who must be a registered student in UCC. When you have selected the intern, the student registers for the UCC WORKS AWARD, completes the required hours and the reflective report/updated CV and receives the UCC WORKS Award in Spring.


Sample Expression of Interest Form:

Take a look at an example of a completed form: 

Sample Expression of Interest Form


The following checklist may be helpful in organising internships for any of the pathways within UCC WORKS

Develop a Description of the Internship

  • Provide some general information about your organisation
  • List an overview of the intern’s responsibilities, work assignments and objectives.
  • Make a decision on number of internships available.

Select the Intern Supervisor

  • Does this person have time to supervise?
  • Is the potential supervisor committed to and capable of developing student interns?

Application process

  • Advertise the vacancy on your website or through other sources
  • Review applications/resumes.
  • Interview and select your new intern(s)

Please note: it is your responsibility to recruit candidates to fill your internship opportunities. The intern vacancy will be advertised online on our UCC WORKS website and other independent internship provider websites if you require additional support.

Orient and Supervise the Interns

  • Share the organization's mission statement and goals with interns. Provide them with a tour of the facilities and information on policies and procedures. Introduce interns to all staff with whom they will be working.
  • Include the interns in staff meetings when appropriate.
  • Meet with interns on a regular basis to answer questions and to provide feedback.
  • Keep an updated list of registered interns. The student’s registration details should be forwarded to once they are recruited into the internship.


If you have other queries in relation to the role of internship provider feel free to contact us at Our Steering Committee will then review your application and be in contact.  Also visit our Facebook Page and website for updates and more information.

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