Registration for the UCC Works Award 2016-2017 has now closed for this year.

Registrations will re-open for the 2017-2018 in September 2017. 


Forms for UCC Works ParticipantsForms for UCC Works Providers




KEY DATES:  Registration Forms are due back for October 31st 2016.   Reflective Reports are due back for February 28th 2017.  The Ceremony will take place 22nd March 2017.

If you need assistance with the Reflective Report - please see the handouts from the Inforamtion Sessions we provided on February 6th and 7th.

You might also be interested to view helpful information on the STAR Technique (82kB) when filling out your Reflective Report later on completion of the UCC Works Internship.  You will also need to update your CV and email it back - please see the following helpful information on our website. Curriculum Vitae 

Please note: These forms must be emailed back to



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