Frequently Asked Questions

  1.  Where do I find information on the Internship Pathway?
    All the information you need is on the Internship Pathway menu.

  2. Where do I find information on the Volunteering Pathway?
    All the information you need is on the Volunteering Pathway menu.

  3. Where do I find information on the Student Life Pathway?
    All the information you need is on the Student Life Pathway menu.

  4. Where do I find information on the Entrepreneurship and Innovaton Pathway?
    All the information you need on the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Pathway menu.

  5. Can I apply for more than one pathway, or more than one award in any given pathway?
    Yes, you can apply for more than one award, providing you meet the requirements of participating a minimum of 40 hours in each role, and complete and Reflective Report and CV for each role as you finish.

  6. I am confused about the Diploma Supplement... is it the same as a UCC Transcript of Results?
    NO.  The Diploma Supplement is not your Transcript.  
    Your Transcript of Results is An Academic Transcript: It lists your complete academic history: programmes attended, a breakdown of marks/grades achieved in each module, the degree awarded, your overall grade, conferring date and awards/scholarships, if applicable.
    The Diploma Supplement provides additional information regarding the award which is not available on the official certificate such as the skills and competences acquired.  It is a European Document.

  7. When can I apply for the UCC Works Award?
    Registrations for the UCC Works Award open in September when term begins.  All the forms you require are in the FORM BANK.  

  8. Is the UCC Works Award open to everyone?
    The UCC Works Award is open to all UCC Students.  Once you are a registered student and fully participate in the programme adhering to the rules (Participate and Reflect), then you are eligible.

  9. Is the UCC Works well known by employers of UCC graduates?
    YES.  UCC Works received the silver employability award in the annual Association of Higher Education Careers Service (AHECS) Awards 2013. The Employability Award recognises the very best in employability initiatives implemented by AHECS member careers services throughout the year. It was held at the GradIreland Awards in the Mansion House, Dublin.

  10. What is the Employability Star Award?
    The Employability Star Award may be awarded to students who have received four or more UCC Works awards by their final year in UCC. The awards must be spread over two academic years, and must include awards from any three pathways.  One Employability Star Award is given per year. 

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