The definition of a volunteer is a person who donates his time or efforts for a cause or organization without being paid. The volunteer can make a difference to the wider community.

Volunteering can be a great way to enhance your University experience. As well as being fun, it can really enhance your Curriculum Vitae, and employers look very favourably on volunteering because they see that you can develop essential skills that need e.g. project management, communication and teamwork skills.

Being a volunteer can give you a great sense of achievement and it can give you the opportunity to meet new people.


How can UCC help you with volunteering?

UCC has a Volunteering Pathway, as part of the UCC Works Award.  

To receive an award through the Volunteering Pathway a student must complete a period of unpaid volunteering  in an on or off campus organisation. Students participating in the UCC Works Volunteering Pathway are required to dedicated a minimum of forty hours of their time to the organisation. Upon completing the 40 hours, students are  required to complete a reflective report and update their CV. 

  • Find out more about UCC Works here

Please find below some information which you may find useful when researching organisations and bodies for voluntary work 

You can use our NEW VOLUNTEERING DATABASE to search for Volunteering positions. http://www.studentvolunteer.ie/ucc


 Other useful sites for information:
  • Volunteer World  Featuring over 500 volunteer programs and over 600 social projects in more than 70 countries, www.volunteerworld.com is a one-stop resource for volunteer abroad opportunities. The homepage allows users to filter their search by location, volunteer category and budget. Specific project pages give a quick possibility to transparently compare the projects.  The distinction to other websites offering international volunteering opportunities is the fact that they operate as an independent search engine for volunteering opportunities.

  • Alupro Ireland is a non-profit organisation, we run a national campaign on can recycling www.everycancounts.ie, - volunteer positions for events we will be working at over the Summer months June - September – for third level students, interested in behavioural change and environmental sustainability.    The volunteer positions entail varying types of work, but include providing information at stands, providing information to the general public and festival goers on the environmental benefits of recycling aluminium packaging, encouraging people to use the free programme/materials we provide for schools, colleges and workplace. At festivals  we ask volunteers to encourage festival goers to recycle at our interactive incentives /games on site and  help in some collecting and managing can recycling on site.  Volunteers with an environmental background and previous experience with NGO volunteer programmes, are particularly suited. We had some UCC volunteers in 2014 with us at festivals and they were committed to their work –so we would like to invite them again.  

    www.everycancounts.ie; F:Facebook/Every-Can-Counts; T:Twitter/Every_CanCounts;  Email: info@aluproireland.ie

  • Leargas   Youth Work Service Ireland - Includes European Voluntary Service which can be short-term (3 weeks - 6 months) or long-term (6 months - 1 year). EVS does not have a charge for participants. 
  • Irish Aid  The Irish Aid Volunteering and Information Centre is a state of the art, flexible multi-media exhibition space designed to raise awareness of development issues and the role of Irish Aid in tackling global poverty. 
  • Voluntary Service International (VSI)   Short term projects (2-3 weeks): Peace projects; Environmental projects;, community projects with children, the elderly, refugees and people with disabilities, community arts projects and restoration of historical monuments. Projects take place in Ireland, Europe (East and West); USA; Japan; Australia; North Africa. 
  • Long term projects enables people to volunteer from 3-12 months on a variety of voluntary work projects of benefit to local communities and voluntary organisations in Europe and North America.
  • WorldWide Volunteering   A unique search-and-match database with over 11,000 volunteer organisations, 350,000 placements throughout the UK and in 214 countries worldwide.  
  • Idealist.org   Idealist is a project of Action Without Borders. Find: people, organizations, groups, jobs, volunteer opportunities, events, and more. Includes The Idealist Guides to Nonprofit Careers downloadable pdfs.
  • WorkingAbroad   International networking service. Information on voluntary work abroad, including: organisations that are looking for volunteers, personalised reports on grassroots organisations around the world, volunteer stories, teaching English courses, Working Abroad Projects etc.
  • Global Volunteer Network   Volunteer opportunities in community projects throughout the world.Whether you would like to take a short volunteer vacation or a prolonged gap year, the Global Volunteer Network provides challenging and affordable international programs.
  • Oneworld   Directory of meaningful travel opportunities including volunteer projects, gap year ideas, career break & year out projects, TEFL/ESL teaching & courses, seasonal work, summer / winter jobs, working holidays, adventure breaks, expeditions & tours. 
  • Community Service Volunteers   A UK charity with a range of volunteering opportunities in areas such as the media and the environment.
  • Timebank   A national volunteering campaign in the UK, which raises awareness of giving time through voluntary work. 
  • Volunteers for Peace   A US based organisation. Contains links to other voluntary organisations world-wide including Ireland. 
  • Voluntary Services Overseas   UK based agency. Each year, hundreds of our volunteers work abroad in rewarding roles in over 40 countries. Long-term volunteering We have a range of placements from one to two years long for qualified professionals with at least two years’ post-qualification experience. Short-term volunteering last up to six months and you’ll need a minimum of five years' post-qualification experience. 
  • Frontier   Dedicated to safeguarding biodiversity and ecosystem integrity through rigorous 'hands on' fieldwork.
  • Raleigh International   Youth development charity offering challenging environmental and community projects. 
  • Jobbydoo  Find voluntary job opportunities quickly, easily and for free. Jobbydoo aggregates job vacancies from all career sites, job boards and recruitment agencies, and organises that information to make it accessible and useful.
  • Active Link
  • www.mawork4all.ie/documents/JOB_OPPORTUNITIES.pdf (Wide range of work and volunteering opportunities)
  • Wheel 
  • Dochas
  • National Digital Learning Resources 



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