Entrepreneurship & Innovation Pathway

Different pathways to obtaining the UCC Works Entrepreneurship and Innovation Award:

  1. Complete a 40 hour Internship with Blackstone LaunchPad at UCC (refer Internship description below)
  2. Create a Business Proposition and utilise the Blackstone LaunchPad Services. First step is to email blackstonelaunchpad@ucc.ie to request a meeting
  3. Active member of the Entrepreneurial and Social Society
  4. Active member of Enactus UCC
  5. Conduct research in relation to Entrepreneurship initiatives/programmes agreed by Blackstone LaunchPad at UCC

The Reflective Reports must be submitted to uccworks@ucc.ie in February 2020.  The Ceremony will take place March 2020. 

Blackstone LaunchPad at UCC fosters cross-campus entrepreneurial activity, aiming to place the domain of entrepreneurship on the radar of students from the first day that they enter UCC.

UCC Blackstone Launchpad

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How to keep track of your UCC Works hours and register:

To keep track of the hours that you are interning or in talks with Balckstone, you can now track your hours online :

1)      Login to www.studentvolunteer.ie/ucc

2)      Click REGISTER  (this just registers you on the computer system)

3)      Sign up and fill out the form and make up your own password

4)      This will allow you into your own unique dashboard.

5)      In the “Opportunities” section, select “View More” and register there for the UCC Works Award Entrepreneurship and Innovation Pathway

6)      The next screen will say “nearly there”… this is where you enter a note as to why you are applying. 

  Please enter “I am a interning with Blackstone Launchpad... or creating a Business Proposition, etc." 

7)      Your registration will be pending there, until it is approved.

8)      Once approved, you can now begin to log your hours.  You can manage and track everything from here.

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