Propel Module

We are delighted to introduce a new pathway to the EmployAgility Awards for 2022/2023. Specifically aimed at International Students who joined UCC this year. The PROPEL Pre-Entry Employability Module is designed to assist international students to help to prepare for and successfully navigate the Irish jobs market and can be undertaken before entry to your course of study in UCC or while you are studying here in UCC. Click here to access the modules

To receive a digital badge through the PROPEL Pathway you must complete all three Units of the PROPEL Module - Unit 1 (Workplace Readiness Skills), Unit 2 (Prepare for the Irish Job Market) and Unit 3 (Prepare to Engage with Employers).  At the end of each Unit there is a brief assignment or reflection on your learning in that specific Unit.

If you have not completed all three of the assignments from the PROPEL Module please click here to return to the PROPEL Module.

Getting started

Download and save the assignment that you completed for Unit 1.  Take a picture or screengrab of the quiz results from Unit 2 and finally download the CV you completed for Unit 3. All three artefacts are required to complete the PROPEL Module and to apply for your EmployAgility Digital Badge.

What’s next?

1. Once you have downloaded the three artefacts that you have completed from the three Units in the PROPEL Module, you can start to apply for the Digital Badge.

2. A short-written reflection (of words) is required on each on Units 1 and 3 to demonstrate your learning for the EmployAgility Digital Badge.

  • Unit 1 Written Reflection - choose four of the Graduate Attributes below and reflect on how you developed this competency, referring to your scenario in the assignment of Unit 1. Respect – Ambition – Compassion – Resilience – Integrity -Ability to be Creative, Evaluative, and Communicative of Knowledge - Independent and Creative Thinking - Digital Fluency – Social Responsibility or Effective Global Citizenship. The content of Unit 1 speaks strongly to Respect, Compassion, Resilience and Integrity attributes but you may feel you developed some other attributes also through your reflection of the scenario.
  • Unit 2 Your Job Search Strategy – Upload your completed Job Search Strategy form from Unit 2 directly to the EmployAgility site. Your reflections as part of this exercise is sufficient to apply for the Digital Badge.  
  • Unit 3 Written Reflection – Having written your CV, what three things do you intend on doing to enhance your CV this academic year and what three things are you going to focus on, to develop your interview skills?

3. Meet us for a Briefing on Wednesday 18th January at 10 am Online to discuss applying for your Digital Badge as part of the EmployAgility Awards. Hear from our Graduate Attributes Programme Manager Adel Coleman about the Graduate Attributes Programme and the EmployAgility Awards. Adel will guide you through the registration process and provide you with an online link where you can upload your submission.  


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