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Ace Your Interview and Win the Job!

Big Interview provides a full training course and powerful A.I. practice tool for students to work towards creating the best possible interview answers as well as a good interview presence.

When preparing for a job interview, it’s not enough to just read advice, you need to put that advice into practice! That’s why Big Interview isn’t just a training course, but a whole interview prep system. You’ll get hands-on practice with mock interviews tailored to your specific industry, job, and experience level.

Big Interview includes content like:

  • Mock interview practice and recording tool
  • Written and video curriculum covering the entire job search and interview process. The 'Learn' space is packed with modules to help you learn about interview preparation and the STAR technique. 
  • Mechanism for sharing videos externally/internally for feedback (share with a Career Consultant or your Work Placement Manager)
  • Your Career Consultant or Work Placement Manager can send you to practice interview assignments you can complete and submit through the student dashboard. 


How to Register:

Getting Started Informational Videos

These videos will help provide you with the basics tools you will need to navigate the Big Interview tool and to maximise the impact it will have on your interview experience.

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