Exploring Options


Take a look at the GradIreland factsheets which provide employability information for each sector. The links below will redirect you to video libraries where graduates with each degree discuss how their careers have developed.  

Gradireland's 'career pathway' vidoes show the routes that you can travel on your chosen career path and the videos provide unique insight into what's actually involved in working in these sectors: 


Skills Profile

Download our Skills for Work work-sheet as a useful resource to identify various transferable skills that you would have gained in your degree and your work experience so far.


Most of the skills developed by degree courses are valued by employers.In recruiting graduates employers will look for evidence of these and other skills which they refer to as transferable skills.

Transferable skills - means that these skills can be transferred from the academic sphere into a work environment. Many of the transferable skills looked for are those developed from your hobbies, interests and leisure pursuits. Employers will generally examine these in the application form and at interview. 

In 2018 Ibec sought the views of employers who recruit recent graduates. While academic qualifications were often the first box to be ticked during the screening process, ultimately their interest veered towards more general attributes and performance:


Decide what skills you have gained from your course and develop a list, which you can use in applying for work. Try GradIreland Careers Report to help you identify some of your skills.