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The following subject factsheets will provide you with an outline of the skills you have gained from your degree subject at UCC; what you can offer an employer; trends where you can get the jobs from other graduates of your course; interesting facts and further study options as well as more links to further information.

Please note: This is an ongoing project  - more reports will be made available in time.

College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences

 College of Business and Law

 College of Science, Engineering, Food Science

 College of Medicine & Health

cacsss 200x200 business and law 200x200 science eng food sci 200x200 medicine and health 200x200
 Chinese Studies  Accounting  Applied Plant Biology  Public_Health
Drama and Theatre      
 Early Childhood Studies  BCL International  Architecture Nursing 
 English  Business Information Systems  Biochemistry Occupational Therapy 
 European Studies  Commerce  Bio Medical Science Pharmacy 
 Geography  Commerce International  Chemistry.  Speech and Language Therapy
 History  Economics  Civil and Environmental Engineering  
 History of Art  Finance  Computer Science  
    Earth Science  
 Language and Cultural Studies  Government  Ecology  
 Maths  Law  Electrical and Electronic Engineering  
 Music    Energy Engineering  
    Environmental Science  
 Philosophy    Food Marketing and Entrepreneurship  
 Politics    Food Science  
 Psychology    Genetics  
 Social Science    Geology  
 Social Science (Youth and Community Work)    International Development  
 Social Work    Microbiology  
 Sociology    Neuroscience  
 Sports Studies    Nutritional Science  
    Process and Chemical Engineering