Graduate Stories

Graduate Stories

What better way is there to help plan your career path than to hear the stories of others who have already made choices about theirs?

Graduate profiles of former UCC students are available below from each of the departmental websites:


UCC Law Graduates - both undergraduate and postgraduate students present their stories.

UCC B.Comm Graduates - speak about their chosen career paths

UCC B.Comm Year Abroad students - tell us about their journey

UCC M.Plan Graduates - where are they now?

UCC Music Graduates tell us about their careers

UCC Students of Italian - profiles going back through the years

UCC Dental Graduates tell us the route they took after graduation

You can also view the reports of the First Destinations of all UCC graduates by course and by year - in our "What jobs did UCC graduates get?"


We will be updating the website shortly with more profiles and career paths of UCC graduates by course.

At CareersPortal they have interviewed a wide range of people at various stages along their career path, and asked them about the choices they made - about their education, their current job, what they actually do from day to day, and so on. Read their stories to find out how they got to where they are today, and hear their advice to people considering a similar career.