During Placement

What will employer expect from me?

What can I expect from my employer?

How is placement assessed?


What will employer expect from me?

Placement is a three-way relationship between the student, the employer and the University. Your performance and conduct reflects not only on you, but also on UCC.

As a paid employee, you will have similar responsibilities to other employees in the company and you will also have responsibilities to UCC.

These include the following:

  • Act within the Terms and Conditions of Employment laid down by the employer.
  • Approach your work diligently, take responsibility and use your initiative.
  • Take care of your own Health and Safety and that of others, who may be affected by your actions.
  • Respect the confidentiality of the employer.
  • Use e-mail and internet only in association with your work. Misuse of e-mail or downloading of offensive or inappropriate material will result in serious disciplinary action or dismissal.
  • Use your work phone only in connection with work. Turn your private mobile phone off during work time.
  • Be punctual and adhere to all rules governing time practices.
  • Adhere to the company dress code.
  • Be familiar with and abide by the contents of your Placement Handbook.
  • Contact your Academic Mentor and Placement Manager at the agreed intervals.
  • Complete the documentation that is required for your employer and for UCC.
  • Be enthusiastic and prepared to join in out-of-office social activities, where appropriate.
  • Act as an ambassador for your University - next year's Placement depends on your performance this year.
  • Enjoy yourself and make the most of your Placement!

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What can I expect from my employer?

When employers participate in the Placement programme, they agree to the following:

  • Satisfactorily complete a Health and Safety Checklist for the Placement Office.
  • Provide a safe place of work, in line with Health and Safety regulations.
  • Give you a short induction course on company codes and practices.
  • Provide you with a work email address, where appropriate.
  • Give an outline of the tasks, activities and training you are expected to complete.
  • Provide work experience compatible with your knowledge and experience.
  • Pay you a fair wage for a fair week's work.
  • Assign a member of staff as a Work Place Mentor. This person will supervise and monitor your work and assist with any problems during Placement.
  • This person will complete a Work Mentor Report, which will be used as part of your Academic Assessment.
  • He/she will check, approve and sign your Log Book each week, as well as your Placement Report and Work Summary at the end.
  • He/she will meet with your Academic Mentor when they visit your workplace.
  • He/she will report to the Academic Mentor and to the Placement Manager, any aspects of your performance or approach to Placement, which are unsatisfactory.

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How is placement assessed?

For most programmes, Placement is a formal and academically accredited part of the student's course. The Academic Mentor evaluates the student's performance on Placement and, in consultation with the Academic Department, awards a grade for this module.

For most programmes, a pass/fail grade is given, but for others, a specific grade is awarded. The grade is based on a number of criteria and if you would like more information on a particular course, please contact the relevant Academic Department.


What is the role of the Academic Mentor?

The role of the Academic Mentor is to advise and support students during Placement. You are asked to evaluate the student's performance on Placement and, in consultation with the Academic Department, to award a grade for this module.

The Academic Mentor liaises with the student and the Industrial Mentor during Placement, to make sure all is going well. The Academic normally makes one visit to the student in the workplace and this will ideally be half way through the Placement period.

The objectives of the visit are to:

  • gain an understanding of the company and its activities.
  • gain an understanding of the tasks/projects being undertaken by the student.
  • find out if there are any problems on Placement and address them as required.
  • make an initial evaluation of the student's performance on Placement.

It is recommended that the visit take the following format:

  • meet the Industrial Mentor for a preliminary discussion on the student's progress.
  • tour of the work area accompanied by the student and the Industrial Mentor.
  • meet with the student to discuss progress and to check and sign the Log Book.
  • wrap-up meeting with the Industrial Mentor.

It is recommended that the Academic Mentor keeps a file for each student, containing:

  • a record of telephone/email contacts made to the student and the Industrial Mentor and any issues raised.
  • the Academic Mentor Report, which is completed by you, after the visit, on the basis of your discussion with the student and the employer. This Report form is available from your Academic Department.

The Academic Mentor Report, the Industrial Mentor Report as well as the student's Log Book and Placement Report will be used in the Academic Assessment of the Placement.

If the student has a final year project that they could complete on behalf of their company, they will discuss this with you and their Industrial Mentor during the visit. The student is encouraged to be proactive in coming up with ideas for potential projects, that would be of interest to them and of benefit to the company.

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