How to Recruit a Placement Student

To Recruit a Placement Student

The recruitment process for placement generally commences in August each year for placement the following year. Companies are invited to participate and encouraged to respond quickly to ensure that they are included in the list of companies distributed to students for selection in September. Interviews are then organised on a first come serve basis.

Though the process for most of the placement programmes commences in August, this is not the case for all courses. Please contact the relevant Placement Manager for more informatio.

To be included in the process, contact the relevant Placement Manger, to  define the role/s for the prospective placement

Submit a job description of the role or project including company profile, skills required and relevant degree/masters programmes. This will enable students to make more informed choices.

Students are given a list of participating companies and are asked to research and select a number of their preferred choices. CV’s are then forward to Hiring Managers for review.

Whilst it would be preferable to indicate your participation early in the process to ensure the best selection of candidates, Additional roles will be advertised to students until such time as all students are placed.

Interviews are arranged by Placement Managers. Interview rooms can be provided on campus. Alternatively interviews may be arranged at company premises but we do recommend interviewing on campus if coming from outside of Cork region.

Students are obliged to accept their first offer of placement, therefore we recommend you interview and select candidate/s as soon as possible after you receive CV’s to ensure you do not lose your preferred candidate to an alternative organisation.

Following interview please inform the Placement Manager of your decision, who will in turn notify the student/s and will confirm their acceptance including exact dates for placement via email.

Please follow up offer of placement by sending a work contract directly to the student, with a copy to the Placement Manager. Employers should include any specific intellectual property or confidentiality clauses into their contracts as required.

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