Programmes & Dates

Most students go on Placement at the end of third year and return to college for their final year. Most recruitment for students starts in October of the year prior to Placement. Contact the relevant Placement Manager for details on the course that interests you.


Clodagh Kerr

Placement Manager

021 490 3639

BSc Computer Science 24 wks [Starting March] or 12 months
BSc Chemistry of Pharmaceutical Compounds 20 wks [Starting May]
BSc Food Science 24 wks [Starting March]
BSc Nutritional Sciences 24 wks [Starting March]


Yvonne Harding

Placement Manager

021 490 3638

MSc Biotechnology 24 wks [Starting April]
BSc Biotechnology 20 wks [Starting May]
MSc Analytical Chemistry 24 wks [Starting April]


Linda Lynch

Placement Manager 

021 4903559 

BE Process Engineering 24 wks [Starting March]
BE Electrical/Electronic Engineering 20 wks [Starting April]
BE Energy Engineering 20 wks [Starting April]
BE Civil Engineering 14 wks Starting [Starting May]


Sheila Byrne

Placement Manager

021 4903641 


24 wks [Mar - Aug]           


Jillian O'Mahony

Placement Manager

021 4903492 

MSc Management & Marketing

20 wks [Apr - Aug]         

BSc Food Marketing and Entrepreneurship

24 wks [Mar - Aug]

MSc Economics of Business Practice 24 wks [Jul - Dec] 


Aileen Waterman

Placement Manager

021 4902833 

BSc Finance 24 wks [Starting July] or [Starting Jan]
BCommerce International with Irish 24 wks [Starting September]
BSc Accounting 24 wks [Starting January]



Dearbhail O'Callaghan

Placement Manager

021 4205161

BSc Government 14 wks [Starting April]
MSc International Public Policy & Diplomacy 3 or 6 months [Starting April]


Amy McMullan

Placement Manager

021 4901815

BA Digitial Humanities and Information Technology

9 - 12 months [Starting September]        



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