Cancer Prevention

The Cancer-Fighting Cookbook- Good Nutrition for Cancer Prevention



Many people believe that developing cancer is something which is 'down to your genes' or just 'bad luck'. People resign themselves to the idea that cancer something they have no control over. This is incorrect. A mere 5-10% of cancers are caused by inherited genes. The truth is that over one-third of the world’s most common cancers are actually preventable. A healthy lifestyle has been proven to greatly reduce your risk of developing cancer.

Smoking, excess alcohol, overweight/obesity, an unhealthy diet and physical inactivity are among the modifiable risk factors that are known to play a major role in the development of cancer. If people follow a healthy diet, become more physically active and achieve a healthy weight, 2.8 million cases of cancer could be prevented per year, globally.

A huge proportion of the world’s most common cancers can be prevented by following a healthy diet and lifestyle. Positive lifestyle changes have the potential to reduce your risk of developing lung cancer by 33%, breast cancer by 42%, colorectal cancer by 47%, prostate cancer by 20%, stomach cancer by 45%, oral cancer by 67% and oesophageal cancer by a whopping 75%. The cancer risk of the population can be greatly reduced through lifestyle changes and we aim to produce a nutritional resource which facilitates these changes.

We want to disseminate this important public health message in a simple and accessible manner. This book will outline the most up to date evidence on how people can reduce their cancer risk and give advice on how to achieve this through good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. It will contain a collection of delicious and healthy recipes, utilising a range of ‘super-foods’ proven to possess anti-cancer properties.

This resource will be published in conjunction with the registered charity Breakthrough Cancer Research, with all proceeds from the book going to fund essential cancer research.



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