The Cancer-Fighting Cookbook

Project overview

'The Cancer-Fighting Cookbook' is a UCC-based project, funded by the Health Research Board under the Knowledge Exchange and Dissemmination Scheme. The project is being run in collaboration with the registered charity Breakthrough Cancer Research (charity number 19801). This project aims to create two corresponding oncology resources as outlined below:

 1. A 40-50 page booklet comprising of information, advice and recipes for patients with cancer experiencing involuntary weight loss/ swallowing/ chewing difficulties. This is developed by dietitians, with recipe contributions from dietitians, celebrity chefs and cancer patients. This booklet will be distributed in oncology centres across Ireland and available to patients free of charge. Click here for more information.

 2. A hardback cookbook comprising of healthy eating recipes for the prevention of cancer, developed by dietitians, with recipe contributions from dietitians and celebrity chefs. It is our intention that this cookbook will available to buy in bookshops and online, with proceeds going to Breakthrough Cancer Research. Click here for more information.

 For more information on this project please visit our website-

School of Food & Nutritional Science

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