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Impact of Cancer in Ireland

9 Nov 2011

To mark the start of a third student cohort in the PhD Scholars Programme in Cancer Biology, Dr Harry Comber, Director of the National Cancer Registry of Ireland (NCRI), will deliver a lecture entitled, “Cancer in Ireland 1994 - 2010,” at 3:00pm in G10 Brookfield Health Sciences Complex.  The lecture is free and open to all.

Under Dr Comber's leadership, the NCRI is responsible for collecting comprehensive cancer information for the whole population of the Republic of Ireland.  Since 1994, the information collected is used for research into the causes of cancer, for education and information programmes, and for the planning and implementation of a national cancer strategy to deliver the best cancer care.  Annually the NCRI publishes statistical reports of cancer incidence, mortality, treatment and survival in Ireland, documents of cancer trends and projections, as well as numerous scientific papers.

Given current projections from the NCRI, the incidence of cancer in Ireland is set to double in the next ten years; therefore, training future scientists in the area of cancer biology is important if this trend is to be slowed or reversed. 

“We are delighted to have Dr Comber deliver a lecture to coincide with the start of our third student cohort.  As Director of the NCRI, Dr Comber can provide a broad perspective of cancer burden to our students which will hopefully inspire and motivate them in their research,” says Dr Kellie Dean, Training Coordinator of the PhD Scholars Programme in Cancer Biology.

Established in 2008 with funding from the Health Research Board of Ireland, the PhD Scholars Programme in Cancer Biology is a prestigious, four-year, structured PhD programme designed to educate and train students to become future leaders in the cancer biology field.  The Programme currently has 18 Scholars working toward their PhDs in cancer biology at UCC.   

(photo: Dr Harry Comber, Director National Cancer Registry of Ireland)

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