Summary of Programme

Summary of PhD Scholars Programme in Cancer Biology

The PhD Scholars Programme in Cancer Biology will train future investigators in an intellectually exciting and supportive work environment to carry out independent, high-quality research. The aim of the programme is to educate PhD Scholars to the level where they have the research knowledge, understanding, critical analytical skills, and the confidence to apply robust experimental design and state-of-the-art technologies to the emerging questions in cancer biology.

The programme will:

  • Train the PhD Scholar in research methods and practice by carrying out well-supervised, high-quality projects at the forefront of international research.
  • Educate the PhD Scholar in the design and implementation of sound experimental approaches to answer biological questions.
  • Develop in the PhD Scholar a strong foundation and framework for self-driven scientific enquiry and questioning, critical skills in scientific reasoning and problem analysis, and critical appraisal of scientific literature.
  • Provide the PhD Scholar with the skill set and understanding necessary to apply the appropriate research methodologies including state-of-the-art techniques (and a knowledge of their limitations) to emerging questions in cancer biology.
  • Inform the PhD Scholar in the approaches of screening, diagnosis, treatment, and management of different cancers that have led to major improvements in survival.
  • Equip the PhD Scholar with generic and transferable skills of scientific research, including experimental design, data analysis, literature survey, communication skills, teamwork and IT skills.

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