Janina Berghoff


BSc Biotechnology, Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, Germany

MSc Molecular Biology, International Max Planck Research School, Goettingen, Germany

PhD Supervisor:  Dr. Justin McCarthy

 My research interest in general is cell signalling and more particularly how cell surface receptors can contribute to tumorigenesis. My PhD project focuses on the p75 neurotrophin receptor, whose signalling and intra-membrane proteolysis have been found to be crucial for glioblastoma cell motility and invasiveness.


Mosesson Y, Chetrit D, Schley L, Berghoff J, Ziv T, Carvalho S, Milanezi F, Admon A, Schmitt F, Ehrlich M, Yarden Y (2009) Monoubiquitinylation regulates endosomal localization of Lst2, a negative regulator of EGF receptor signaling. Dev Cell 16, 687-698

Koren-Michowitz M, Hardan I, Berghoff J, Yshoev G, Amariglio N, Rechavi G, Nagler A, Trakhtenbrot L (2007) Chromosome 13q deletion and IgH abnormalities may be both masked by near-tetraploidy in a high proportion of multiple myeloma patients: a combined morphology and I-FISH analysis. Cancer Lett 255, 307-314  




Janina Berghoff

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