Steering Committee

Programme Steering Committee

John F. Atkins, PhD
Science Foundation Ireland Research Professor
E-Mail: John F. Atkins

Noel M. Caplice, MD, PhD.
Professor of Cardiovascular Biology
Science Foundation Ireland Investigator
E-Mail: Noel M. Caplice

Thomas G. Cotter, D Phil
Professor and Head of Department of Biochemistry                                                                                                                                                  Science Foundation Ireland Investigator
E-Mail: Thomas G. Cotter

Tommie V. McCarthy, PhD
Professor of Biochemistry
E-Mail: Tommie V. McCarthy

Gerald C. O'Sullivan, MD
Director in Chief, Cork Cancer Research Centre
E-Mail: Gerald C. O'Sullivan

H. Paul, Redmond, MD
Professor and Head of Department of Academic Surgery

Cancer Biology at UCC