Interviews for the PhD Scholars Programme

Currently there are no available positions for the PhD Scholars Programme in Cancer Biology.  

Interested applicants are invited to contact our Programme Investigators for independently-funded PhD opportunities.  

For all PhD positions available at University College Cork, please click here.

When a future call for applications in announced, selected applicants will be invited to UCC for an interview day.  The day will consist of a twenty-minute, panel interview with Programme Investigators, led by Programme Director, Prof. Rosemary O'Connor and Dr. Kellie Dean, Training Coordinator; individual interviews with Programme Investigators; a campus tour; lunch with current students and an informal reception with programme members at the conclusion of the day. Applicants who are unable to attend will be offered an alternative to interview remotely.

From the several hundreds of applications received, we typically interview approximately 30 candidates for 6 to 8 available positions.  


Cancer Biology at UCC