Join A Society

Join A Society!

Join A Society!

Not a fan of running around a mucky field in the rain? Want to improve your skills, broadcast your talents and make new friends? Then why not join a society? UCC societies bring together people with a common interest to perform, run campaigns and events, act, sing, hold debates or try their hand at something completely new. We offer over 90 societies to choose from with Film, Law, LGBT, St. Vincent de Paul, Choral and Capriccio to name a few.

Societies help you to:

  • Make new FRIENDS
  • Enhance your SOCIAL LIFE
  • Increase your EMPLOYABILITY
  • Improve your SKILLS
  • Have FUN

Societies are a fantastic way to meet people with similar interests. Many people find that they make their best university friends through joining a society and it’s a great way to meet people from outside your lecture halls and course or even from another campus.

Once you’ve been involved in a society, you have the opportunity to stand for the committee. Helping to run a society is a very valuable experience, prized by future employers, and all the support you could wish for is available through the Societies Office and Guild Exec.

If you want to work both your body and mind then get involved, meet new people and have fun. The only thing left to decide is which one to choose!

Check out for a full list of societies.

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