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UCC Term Dates 2016 – 2017

First Semester

  • Early Start:  Monday, 22nd August, 2016

  • Teaching Period: Monday, 12th September, 2016 to  Friday, 2nd December, 2016

Study Week: Monday, 5th   December, 2016 to Friday, 9th December, 2016

Exams: Saturday, 10th December, 2016 to Wednesday, 21st December, 2016 (including Saturday, 17th December, 2016)

Second Semester

  • Early Start: 16th January, 2017

Teaching Period 2: Monday, 16th January, 2017 to Friday 7th April, 2017

Easter Break: Monday, 10th April, 2017 to Friday 21st April, 2017

Study/Review week: Monday, 24th April, 2017 to Friday, 28th April, 2017

Exams: Tuesday, 2nd May, 2017 to Friday, 12th May, 2017

Supplemental Exams: Tuesday, 8th August, 2017 to Friday, 18th August, 2017


Full Details of UCC Teaching Periods available here:

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