Dear First Year students,

As Head of the College of Arts Celtic Studies and Social Sciences, I am delighted to welcome you all to the College and very pleased indeed that you have decided to join the very diverse and vibrant student body that makes up this College. All our staff, postgraduate and current undergraduate students join me in congratulating you on attaining your place, and wish you every success in the first year of your studies. This page contains lots of interesting and useful information designed specifically for you as first years, and we hope that you will consult it often, find it useful, and indeed visit the College website regularly to find out what new and exciting events-as well as those well-established- are taking place in this, yourCollege.

The College office staff will be delighted to assist you with any and all queries and the academic and administrative support staff in our various schools and departments will welcome you into the academic fold in the subject areas of your choice.

This is a precious time in your lives, when you are embarking on an exciting journey free to follow your curiosity and intellect. I know that the staff of the College look forward to assisting you, joining you, and hopefully inspiring you, on that journey.

Looking forward to meeting you at College events,


Professor Chris Williams

Head College of Arts Celtic Studies & Social Sciences


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