First Year FAQ

Once I’ve accepted my place via CAO how do I register as a UCC Arts Student?

Answer:  Registration involves officially enrolling on your particular programme, paying fees, presenting specific documentation and receiving your student ID card.  This is essentially your first step to becoming a UCC student.  In UCC, First Year Registration has two parts:


Registration Part 1: This is where students register online for their programme and modules, provide biographical information and pay fees.


Registration Part 2: Online Registration: This is where students attend UCC at which time they will receive their student ID cards.


Registration Part 1: Online Registration: You will receive in the post, your Student Number and Personal Identification Number (PIN) within the next few days along with step by step instructions on how to register online.  These two numbers are unique to you and you will be using them for all your student life in UCC.


Registration Part 1: otherwise known as Online Registration, is the first essential step to registering for your degree programme.  It must be completed before you complete registration Part 2.  Online Registration should be completed once you receive your PIN number in the post.  Once you complete Online Registration, please print ‘Confirmation of Registration’ before you log off as this document must be presented at Registration Part 2.


Payment of fees is part of Registration Part 1 and can be made during Online Registration, either by Laser, by Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard) or by requesting a Bank Giro (Fee Payment Form).  Should you request a Bank Giro you must go to the Bank with your Giro for fees payment and the Bank will transfer the money to your UCC student account.  Your account is updated immediately when you pay online.  It will take up to 10 working days to update your account if you request a Bank Giro (which you can do when completing your Online Registration).


*Confirmation of Registration must be printed off by you once you have completed Registration Part 1.  The Confirmation of Registration must then be presented by your when you attend UCC for Registration Part 2.

How do I find out which day I am to attend for Orientation and Registration?

Answer:  Details can be found at:

I am not happy with one of my subject choices. Is it possible to transfer to another subject?

Changes to First Year subjects will be allowed, provided subject prerequisites are met, up to four weeks after the start of Semester 1, i.e. until Friday, 4th October, 2019. The on-line facility for making changes to subjects will only be open for the first two weeks of Semester 1, i.e. until Friday, 20th September, 2019. Subsequent changes up until Friday, 4th October 2019 must be processed manually through the Student Records and Examinations Office, West Wing, UCC. 

Changes for FETAC and Mature students and any other student not presenting with a Leaving Certificate must be processed manually through the College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences Office, G31, O'Rahilly Building.

What are the Term Dates for 2019-20?

Semester Dates 2019/2020

Autumn Semester 2019 (Semester 1)

Autumn Orientation Dates: 4th, 5th and 6th September 2019
Autumn Semester Dates: Monday 9th September - Friday 29th November 2019
Study Review Week: Monday 2nd December - Friday 6th December 2019
Autumn Examinations: Monday 9th December - Friday 20th December 2019
Christmas Recess: Saturday 21st December 2019 - Sunday 12th January 2020

Spring Semester Dates 2020 (Semester 2)

Spring Orientation Dates: Thursday 9th and Friday 10th January 2020
Spring Semester Dates: Monday 13th January - Friday 3rd April 2020
Easter Recess: Saturday 4th April - Sunday 19th April 2020
Study Review Week: Monday 20th April - Thursday 23rd April 2020
Final Examinations: Friday 24th April - Friday 8th May 2020


Where is my School/Departmental Office Located?

Answer:  School and Departmental office locations may be found via the following link: Department Office Locations

I would like to speak to a member of staff in the College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences regarding my degree. Who can I contact?

You can also call to the Main College Office at College Office, Room G35A ,Ground Floor, Block B, O'Rahilly Building

Alternatively, please email Loretta Brady at

What are the requirements that I must fulfil in order to pass First Arts?

To fulfill the requirements of your First Arts Examination you must achieve 60 credits by passing prescribed modules in each of your subjects.

 You should consult the College Calendar, the Book of Modules  for specific details and Marks and Standards all of which are available in the Boole Library and on the University website.


The College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences has introduced compensation for pass and progression for first year students in CK101, the BA degree.

The pass and progression compensation rule is as follows:

To pass First Year and progress to Second Year candidates must

(i) Achieve an overall mark of 480/1200 across all modules

(ii) Pass at least three subjects (45 credits) with a mark of not less than 40% in each module and in each subject

(iii) achieve a mark of not less than 30% in the remaining subject (15 credits)

Note: only subjects which are passed with at least 40% in each module in that subject may be continued in second and third year.

If I am offered a place in UCC, is it possible to defer?

EU students who have been offered a place in UCC, may (in exceptional circumstances only) be permitted, on application to the Admissions Officer, to defer entry to the university for one year.


Danielle Byrne

Admissions Officer


T: +353 (0)21 490 2909.

Please click on link below for UCC’s Deferred Entry Policy including closing dates and charges :

What Can I Do If I Discover I Don’t Like my Course?

Advice should be first sought through your tutor/mentor and/or Department/Faculty or School office (School / Department Office Locations). You should then contact the First Year Experience Coordinator, Anne Wallace, for guidance and support.


Withdrawal prior to 11 October, 2019:

Full funding if you decide to re-register the following year. The Student Contribution Fee and the Capitation Fee will be payable by the student only. (Higher Education Grants will only pay the Student Contribution Fee.)

Withdrawal between 12 October, 2019 and 31t January, 2020:

Students who withdraw between the above dates are liable to pay half the tuition fees plus full Student Contribution Fee and Capitation Fee the following year. The Student Contribution Fee and the Capitation Fee will be payable by the student. Student Contribution Fee for 2017 is €3000. Currently the Capitation Fee is €165 and covers membership of the Mardyke Arena and membership of the Union of Students of Ireland.

Is it possible to take a leave of absence during the course of my degree?

Students wishing to take leave of absence of a year or more from a programme of study in the College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences are advised that they must obtain advance approval from the College.  Applications for leave of absence usually have to be submitted by the first day of September of the relevant academic year

Leave of Absence Form


Can I transfer from one course to another?

Transfers within University College Cork to another First Year Programme

Registered first year students, who accepted a place through CAO may apply for a transfer. Students should make an appointment to meet the First Year Experience Coordinator in the Admissions Office before making an application.

The application deadline is Wednesday, 2 October, 2019 Application Forms are available in the Admissions Office.

Students may be allowed to transfer if:

  • the student has the points required for entry and satisfies the minimum entry (matriculation) requirements for the programme into which s/he wishes to transfer;
  • there is a place available.

Students should be aware that transferring between first year programmes after the start of term may impact adversely on their academic performance, depending on how much of the academic year they miss. Transfers are permitted strictly on the basis that students fully accept any such possible academic disadvantage.

Change of Course Information (23kB)

Change of Course Checklist (229kB)

Further information on transfers


Am I entitled to any exemptions for prior study?

In certain instances students may apply for exemptions, in first year only, to a maximum of 15 credits. This will enable students reduce their workload in the First Year of their programme.

Students must apply for an exemption to the College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences by 5pm on Friday, 4 October, 2019.

For the complete list of approved courses recognized for exemption please go to

Are there any scholarships available in UCC or the College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences?

There are a range of scholarships available including the Quercus UCC Entrance Scholarships; the College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Science’s Mary Ryan Language Scholarship; the Quercus Undergraduate Scholarships; International Scholarships and many more.

 Please use the link below to access details on all scholarships.


College of Arts, Celtic Studies & Social Sciences

Coláiste na nEalaíon, an Léinn Cheiltigh agus na nEolaíochtaí Sóisialta

College Office, Room G31 ,Ground Floor, Block B, O'Rahilly Building, UCC