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Monday January 18th 12pm-1 pm

Research Support in the College has begun a series of short online workshops during the week of 18th – 22nd January 2021 (see below) intended to open a dialogue on how researchers can use online webinars/events/resources to enhance or develop the impact and reach of their research. 

These short workshops are planned as part of the College’s commitment to continue to support excellent research and good research practice during the period of lockdown and campus closure. Future planned events will explore digitisation and data preservation, UCC’s membership of the Digital Repository of Ireland and the supports and resources needed by researchers seeking to preserve, curate and make available their research data.

The purpose of these workshops is to address needs as identified by researchers developing responses to current conditions and stress induced by lockdowns, campus closure and travel restrictions. Suggestions about future sessions and topics can be sent to the CACSSS Research Officer

The advice and guidance contained in the workshops pertain to the time and date of the recordings below. As the pandemic is a constantly evolving situation researchers should, as a matter of course, consult with the Research Business Continuity Supports as updated on the University’s Research Support Services webpages  

Introduction Allen White (CACSSS Research Officer) and Prof Claire Connolly (School of English and DH and PI of Ports, Past and Present ERDF funded project)
Aoife Dowling (PPP project) Online Stakeholder Engagement in the PPP project
Johnathan Evershed (PPP project) Online Interviews and Focus Group methodologies
James Louis Smith (PPP project) Planning, advertising and promoting webinars
Adam Hanna (School of English  & DH) Hosting Online Events
Questions and Answers  

Note on presenters

Aoife Dowling (project manager), Jonathan Evershed (postdoc researcher) and James Louis Smith (postdoc researcher) are members of the Ports, Past and Present team led by Prof Claire Connolly. Since last March they have (between them) planned and run online community and stakeholder engagement events, developed a project podcast Port Stories  and inaugurated a coastal history webinar (in collaboration with the Institute for Historical Research, University of London and the Coastal History Network).

Dr Adam Hanna (English Department, UCC) is a lecturer in Irish literature and the co-founder of the Irish Network for the Legal Humanities. In December 2020, with the support of CACSSS, he organised this network's second event, an online symposium entitled Citizenship: An Exploration in Law and the Humanities.

Qualtrics Introduction Workshop

Qualtrics is an experience management company that provides a range of services and tools for SMEs and businesses as well as researchers. For the purposes of researchers in UCC Qualtrics is a cloud-based platform for creating and distributing web-based surveys. It can be used on any internet-connected computer. The College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences holds a licence for Qualtrics, hence any staff member or researcher based in UCC can use the Qualtrics platform for free, once registered.

This introduction workshop presented by Aaron Bolger (Technical Officer, School of Applied Psychology) provides a short overview of the Qualtrics platform, specifically how to set up a survey, distribute it, and collect the data. One viewed you should be able to send a survey out into the world and begin collecting study data immediately.

Click here to view the workshop.

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