Information for grant-seekers and researchers. Grant-making guide, equal opportunities for grant-makers, fairness funding postcards, evaluation guide for trusts, foundation news, computers guide, funders perspective, funding policies, etc.

Provides information for non-US charities on fundraising opportunities within the USA. Fundraising Alert general information, ideas, and profiles of funders. Provides books (print and digital) and services on funding sources. For example, for £1,000 + VAT (UK), they will find out which trusts may be interested in funding the area specified.

A funding opportunities database accessible using computers on the UCC network. "Science" does not only mean the physical sciences; the database also includes humanities and social sciences. Click on "Find Funding" to begin a search.

51 rue de la Concorde, B-1050 Brussels, Belgium. 
Access the EFC Orpheus database of over 470 funder profiles through Funders Online .
Promotes and underpins the work of foundations and corporate funders active in and with Europe.

Develops and distributes software to help individuals and not-for-profit organizations to identify charitable trusts.

The most comprehensive resource on German foundations on the Internet. It contains more than 150 links to German foundations' websites, a large number of references to international grantmakers, bibliographic information on the non-profit sector and advice to grantseekers.

Discover more than 400 EU Grants and Loans from all major European institutions such as the European Commission, the EBRD, the EIF, the Council of Europe..
Limited access only to the EuroFunding database is allowed to non-subscribed members.

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