College Committees

Academic Development Committee


Proposed Terms of Reference

  •  To make recommendations on major changes to existing programmes
  • To facilitate the development of inter-disciplinary programmes
  • To consider changes in regulations
  • To consider policy in relation to academic issues concerning students
  • To liaise with AC Student Needs and Academic Development Committee
  • To consider admissions policy

Academic Development Committee Membership


Graduate Studies Committee

  • To consider all issues pertaining to Graduate Studies within CACSSS, both taught and research
  • To consider issues concerning postgraduate students
  • To consider applications from postgraduate students
  • To award College scholarships and prizes
  • To liaise with College DGSCs and CACSSS Staff/Supervisors
  • To liaise with AC Graduate Studies Committee

Graduate Studies Committee Membership

International Committee

  • To consider issues concerning the College in the context of the international agenda
  • To consider issues concerning the development of strategic programme planning and partnership agreements in the context of globalisation
  • To consider issues concerning recruitment of overseas/international students

International Committee Membership

Learning and Teaching Committee

(Incorporating Information Strategy and Education Resources Committee)

To bring forward strategy and policy in support of the following and to advise on national and international good practice in these matters:

  • College’s learning and teaching agenda. 
  • College’s information services and educational resources
  • To lead and have oversight responsibility for the programme of staff development in learning, teaching and good practice in assessment. 
  • To liaise with the appropriate Academic Council Standing Committees

Learning & Teaching Committee Membership

Research & Innovation Committee

  • To co-ordinate College Research policy
  • To support research excellence in the College
  • To assist in the development of new research strategies
  • To make recommendations on library policy with regard to research support
  • To co-ordinate the College Research website
  • To co-ordinate the delivery of research support to members of the College
  • To support the search for new sources of research funding
  • To consider the allocation of research funding under the RAM
  • To further the development of Research Projects, Centres and Institutes
  • To further the development of College research priority areas
  • To award Research Achievement awards
  • To oversee College publications on Research
  • To liaise with AC Research and Innovation Committee
  • To liaise and collaborate with the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation                  

Research & Innovation Committee Membership

Community Engagement Committee

  • Need for a systematic approach for the College and the University to recognise the importance of external engagement in terms of recognition of external partner/civil society contributions, recognition of staff contribution including within promotion procedures, support for external engagement and funding.
  • Develop activities related to promoting external engagement activities such as initiating and maintaining an external engagement website; possibility of an event to highlight external engagement; possibly an awards ceremony to recognise external partners and staff members who contribute to external engagement.
  • Ensure equality of esteem of external engagement activities – activities at both individual, day-to-day level to be captured as well as at School level. 
  • Actively engage with USREP and ensure complementarity of work e.g. support the USREP survey process and utilise the data to complement the interviews carried out by this committee with Heads of School to understand nature and extent of external engagement now and into the future.  
  • Seek clarification at institutional level on status of contribution in relation to probation, establishment and promotion scheme criteria.
  • The committee will advocate for broad range of external engagement activities.

Community Engagment Committee Membership

Student Affairs Committee

  • To consider all issues pertaining to Undergraduate students within CACSSS
  • To consider applications from undergraduate students
  • To consider general issues concerning academic policy arising from undergraduate student applications

Student Affairs Committee Membership

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