The Department of Geography is currently reconfiguring its research clusters but going forward is likely to organise its work around three broad themes designed to optimise opportunities for collaboration amongst staff:

  • Social and spatial justice
  • Geoinformatics applications
  • Heritage, environment and the Irish landscape


The Department has a strong record of research funding and can demonstrate projects that are currently or have been recently funded by European programmes including: Horizon 2020, Marie Curie Excellence, Norface, and COST Action. National funding is or has recently been secured from the Environmental Protection Agency, the Irish Research Council, the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Marine, and Teagasc.


The work led by Dr John Crowley and Emeritus Professor Willie Smyth has delivered a number of distinguished outputs in recent years most notably the Atlas of the Great Irish Famine (Cork University Press and New York University Press), a volume that has been widely acclaimed internationally.

In the field of migration and the Irish diaspora, Dr Piaras MacEnri is a recognised authority currently engaged in a major Horizon 2020 project in this area.

The research being conducted by Dr Colin Sage speaks to growing public policy interest in sustainable food systems and besides publications (Environment and Food) Sage also chairs the Cork Food Policy Council one example of the active engagement of staff beyond the University.

The cluster ‘Geoinformatics applications’ led by Dr Fiona Cawkwell in collaboration with Darius Bartlett and Helen Bradley, has conducted important assessment and monitoring of land use cover change, vital work to improve Ireland’s ability to return accurate carbon budgets.

Dr Therese Kenna links primarily with national policies aimed at strengthening the social and economic fabric of Ireland and combating social exclusion and together with Dr Denis Linehan, lead the social and spatial justice research cluster.

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