Study of Religions

The research conducted in UCC’s Study of Religions Department focuses on the academic, non-confessional study of religions in the contemporary world (19th-21st centuries). Research interests cover diverse religions (Islam, Hinduism, indigenous and minority religions, neo-paganisms, Orthodox Christianity and new religious movements) and regions (Ireland, South Asia, Eastern Europe, Brazil). Members of staff are specialists in a range of approaches such as gender and masculinities (Dr Amanullah De Sondy), anthropology and ethnography (Dr Lidia Guzy, Dr James Kapalo, Dr Jenny Butler) and area studies. Shared areas of expertise include indigenous and minority religions (Dr Guzy, Dr Kapalo, Dr Butler), religions in South Asia (Dr De Sondy, Dr Guzy) and folk/vernacular religion in Europe (Dr Butler, Dr Kapalo). We pride ourselves on linking our research directly to our teaching; this results in a highly active and stimulating teaching and research environment for staff and students alike. Our contemporary focus has also enabled us to make significant contributions to the understanding of the contemporary religious landscape and religious history of Ireland. The department hosted the major IRC-funded project Muslims in Ireland, and has expertise in the study of contemporary neo-paganism, Islam and Orthodox Christianity in Ireland.

The department hosts the Marginalised and Endangered Worldviews Study Centre – MEWSC which brings together specialists from South Asia, Latin America and Eurasia to focus on questions of the devaluation of the worldviews of indigenous and minority peoples.

Networks founded by departmental staff include Adivasi Religion and Society Network, India Study Centre Corkand the Irish Network for the Study of Esotericism and Paganism. The department welcomes PhD applications and postdoctoral researchers with research projects in the following research areas: Contemporary religions in Ireland, indigenous and minority religions, Hinduism, Islam, Qur’anic Studies, Religious Education, religions in South Asia (India, Pakistan), religions in Eastern Europe, folk/vernacular religions.

College of Arts, Celtic Studies & Social Sciences

Room G31 ,Ground Floor, Block B, O'Rahilly Building, UCC.