Department of Sociology

Department of Sociology

In their Report for the 2015 RQR exercise international external reviewers for the Department of Sociology have described the publications and academic output of the staff as important and in general of excellent quality. Describing the Department of Sociology as a high-performing department in terms of research output the reviewers highlighted examples of good practice by staff  - theoretical specialisation, the pedagogical engagement of the faculty members in different programmes, the leading role of the Department in promoting Sociology in Ireland and the international recognition of the members as leading scholars.

Other research activities and teaching (and in particular postgrad teaching and Phd supervision) in the Department were highlighted, with the Department described as an incubator and a place with transversal activities... In other words, strengthening Sociology results in strengthening many other activities at UCC.

The reviewers’ conclusions stressed the strategic importance of the University’s continued support and investment in the Department as one that is internationally recognised for its high-standing publications and loved by students for its intensive supervision and collegial atmosphere. The Department’s strategic position inside the university, but also in Ireland, is the best indicator of its overall excellence. But this excellence can only be maintained if the Department receives the attention it deserves, in particular through an increase in the number of faculty members and better working conditions.

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