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Reviewers praised the Department of Geography for its very active research and its excellence in finding funding for its postgraduate research students. 

The reviewers commented that a highly commendable and significant volume of high quality research is being undertaken in most areas represented in the Department.  The highest quality outputs emanate from several individuals, demonstrating significant breadth in high-level achievement in the Department. A number of outputs have achieved international acclaim and have provided the Department, and the University as a whole, with very high levels of academic and public recognition. 

The panel also noted that Staff are engaged in several externally funded international and national collaborative projects … including, Norface, the Irish Research Council for Humanities and Social Sciences and the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Marine, Teagasc, and the EU COST Action). 


Furthermore, the panel noted that Staff members have also taken the lead in editorial projects for journals and books, in organising hosting visiting speakers and researchers…and that the research in the Department is making important contributions to national goals and is achieving increasing international recognition. There is a very high level of engagement with the community through local groups.


The breadth of research work across the Department, with outputs of the highest quality in several areas, point to very high potential to build upon this work and improve quality still further. This, and the levels of peer esteem accorded to several individuals, point to a vibrant research culture among most of the staff.

In addition, the Panel noted that The Department has been innovative in finding ways to support research students. The enabling technology of remote sensing is clearly a key tool in the Department.  It is being used in a variety of diverse applications that harness the skills in that area.  

Students have been active in pursuing additional support and several examples are listed of the types of award that have been won, including one from the Irish Research Council.

In conclusion, the Panel noted that the research is broad in scope and excellence has been demonstrated in the quality of outputs in several areas across the full range of geographical research. High levels of peer esteem are afforded to several staff members.  

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For a full copy of the UCC 2015 Research Quality Reivew please click here.

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